Glass Beads are Widely Used in Our Life

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Glass Beads are Widely Used in Our Life

Glass beads have a wide range of applications and special properties. It is new material. It has many advantages, such as lightweight, low heat conduction, high strength, and stability. So what kind of use does it have?

The manufacturer of road marking glass beads summarizes the following points for you: 

1. It can reflect light at night on road markings such as zebra crossing, double yellow line, no stop line and traffic signboard. This kind of glass bead is called reflective glass beads.

2. Shot peening glass beads can be used in industrial machinery sandblasting and shot peening. Including surface matte treatment of stainless steel products, cleaning of molds, removal of tensile stress of machine parts, an increase of fatigue life, cleaning and deburring of semiconductor devices, plastic sealing before tinning on pipes, medical devices, textile machinery, and various hardware products, shot peening and strong finishing, cleaning, and polishing of various metal pipes and non-ferrous precision castings, and removal of deburring residue, etc.

3. Glass beads may be used in reinforcement, filler, etc. It is widely used as a new material in nylon, engineering plastics, medical devices, and other fields.

4. Glass beads can also be used in reflective fabrics, coatings, chemical coatings, advertising materials, clothing materials, reflective films, reflective fabrics, school bags, shoes and hats, life-saving supplies, but this requires the use of high refraction glass beads to achieve the desired effect.

In modern life, glass beads have been widely used by virtue of their good product performance. 

A brief introduction of the way to glass beads 

1. Special glass beads are mainly used in normal temperature and hot-melt road marking coatings. It can be divided into two types: premixed and surface spraying. The premixed glass bead can be mixed in the coating when producing the hot-melt road coating, which can ensure the long-term reflection of the road marking within the service life. The other can be spread on the surface of the road marking during the construction of the road marking to have a real-time reflective effect.  

2. The glass beads used for the industrial shot peening and additive action can be on the metal surface and die surface, which will not damage the workpiece surface, but also improve the accuracy of the workpiece. Used for cleaning and polishing metal, plastic, jewelry, casting and other objects. It is a widely used finishing material at home and abroad.  

3. Glass beads are also widely used as a new material in various fields such as instruments, nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, aviation, etc. Such as filling agents, reinforcing agents, etc.

Maybe in our life, many of our friends are not very familiar with glass beads, but it plays a very important role in our life, so what role does it play in our life?

The glass bead is mainly used in industrial production and manufacturing. Its sphere surface is very smooth, and it can be used repeatedly. Its impact resistance is also very good. It will not cause any damage to the glass bead in use, and it can reduce the loss of users. The glass bead is very solid, which meets the needs of modern industrial development.

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